Wednesday, July 20, 2005

WebCT Impact! 2005

I'm at the WebCT IMPACT! 2005 conference in San Francisco and getting a bunch of great ideas. Right now I'm in a tablet initiative session to see how it's gone for them.

Advantages of Tablets:
Portability (no forgotten materials)
Convergence (everything in the same place)
Functionality (full PC)
Simplicity (handwriting)
Bluetooth (between Mac and tablet)
Voice dictation (works well for the presenter)

Too difficult to learn
too time consuming

Internatl martketing:
Docking station
Unit available for checkout
demonstration of tec
Goal: move to laptops to save $$$
Replacing smart classrooms
Replacing faculty computers

Faculty must be technologicaly friendly
Paper-free classroom
12 HOurs of training
Mentoring program

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