Monday, March 03, 2008

What the Chancelor said

ODCE Keynote:

Education the most important issue in attractiving new businesses: should tell that to the tax-cut folks!

  • freeze tuition for 2 yrs.
  • + financial aid
  • Choose Ohio first program (sounds ike Promise for STEM in Ohio)
  • emphasis on research scholars (not a bad idea!)
With great opportunities come great responsibility: we need to fulfill the trust that the state has given us. In shorty, we need to deliver.

Wouldn't' it be great if the need for this conference went away? When we are in the place where we recognize the important of technology as a given. I need to think about this a while to determine whether I agree.

We're not just competing with other states: we're competing with the world.

Is it our job to keep/attract talent here? I think that goes with the career office. But, yes, I think that's part of our job.

Role of privates:
  • help with the meeting of the goals
  • Collaborate with publics (what a concept)
  • Partnerships
We MUST have an integrated tech. infra.
Systems thinking for ALL in the state.

Single purchaser for textbooks? Interesting concept.

Lots about STEM, but where's the focus on language? Heaven knows we need that too!!

GREAT QUESTION: there's a lot of sharing with HEd. What about K12?

How do we prepare K12 kids for college success? Especially in places like Cleveland and other sorely underfunded areas? Perhaps a bridge program? Education for K12 on what's necessary.

And, just as importantly, how do we trumpet what we've done??

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